What are the ingredients?

We use basic baking ingredients such as flour, sugar, cocoa powder, brown sugar, baking soda, baking powder. Our lactation blend includes the perfect amount of brewer's yeast and flax seed!

See individual listings for a full ingredient list, and never hesitate to ask using our live chat option!

Our drink mixes are made with real fruit, stevia and natural herbs! These herbs are shatavari root and milk thistle. 

How many treats should I eat a day?

We recommend 2-3 mix and match treats a day!

This can be a scoop of no bake, a mug cake and a cookie or 3 servings of one item! 

What is turn around time?

Currently our turn around time is estimated at 7 business days, but we do aim to get things out quicker!

Are these treats dairy or fenugreek free?

EVERYTHING is dairy free and we work in a dairy free facility! We also do not put fenugreek in any of our products. Any other allergens are listed
EX: Cookies & Cream No Bake - Contains Soy

How many treats does the mix make?

Cookie mixes make up to 3 dozen cookies

Brownie mixes make one pan or up to 48 brownie bites

Muffin mixes make up to 2 dozen full size or 3 dozen muffin bites

Mug cakes are individual servings

No bakes make about 2 cups of batter

What is a serving size?

A serving size of cookies is one cookie

A serving size of brownies is one brownie

A serving size of mug cakes is one mug cake

A serving size of no bake is one tablespoon

A serving size of protein powder is one pouch

A serving size of muffins is one muffin